Monday, 26 November 2007


I find myself in a strange place at the moment.

My emotions are all over the place. There is so much uncertainty in my world at the moment.

A Note from the Universe lands in my in-box:

"Do not judge the journey, Mich, by the path you're now on.

Like driving cross-country, you can't possibly know in advance if or where you may encounter detours, hairpin turns, or passing cars passing cars with noses and whatnot pressed to the window.

Moreover, little, if any, of the scenery you travel through will remotely resemble the destination you have in mind.

Yet neither the "constellations" you see nor the unexpected maneuvers you take will ever mean you aren't headed exactly where you want to go, moving as swiftly as possible, getting closer every flippin' day.

Road trip!"
The Universe



Sacred Suzie said...

Oh I so KNOW this feeling! I've been there so much. I hope you're feeling more grounded soon my friend.

derick said...

life is like the tides --it ebbs and it flows.
the signs will always be on your path
and you will recognise them.
for the moment ,enjoy what is and leave the emotions for what is not
take care

Mrs Coetser said...

WOW - talk about the right message at the right time.

BTW - I am a blue girl too.