Sunday, 11 November 2007


I drove up to Sydney yesterday to visit my niece for her 7th birthday.

It was a lovely evening - she looked gorgeous (and very grown up) in her new pink dress and silver shoes - they grow up so fast.

I also got to spend some time pulling faces at my 4 year old nephew, Samuel.

He's quite the character, as I'm guessing you can tell from the photo below.


derick said...

hope you are well---it is good to connect with family especially if you get on with them, which is sadly not always the case.
samuel has amazing eyes
take care
derick .

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous!
I bet you're the most fabulous *auntie* on the planet.

The Dream said...

Whoa! Silver Shoes? I have some awesome silver sandals; SO cool!

Nicole said...

What cuties!

Another commonality... I have a niece who's 4 and she loves her shoes and handbags, and a nephew who is 4, who likes to pulls lots of faces and be the class clown.

Nic x