Friday, 16 March 2007

A state of mind

I was pondering today, what it meant to be a woman in today's society, and I caught my self smiling, or was that smirking?

Now, I don't meet the stereotypical tall and svelte goddess image that we all see in the women's glossy magazines, in fact I'm just the opposite. Yet I still feel like a goddess - a sexy, desirable woman with the world at her feet.

Tonight I was having a few drinks with a girlfriend. She's going on a mediteranean cruise in a few months time, and this stunningly beautiful woman with a killer body turned around, pouting and said, "I have to learn how to walk."

Mystified, I turned to face her and replied, "Honey, didn't you learn that 46 years ago?"

She looked me in the eye and said, "Mich, seriously. I have to learn how to walk. I'll be cruising the Mediteranean, I want heads to turn when I walk past."

So she gets up off the couch, and starts strutting around the room: shoulders back, hips forward, chest out, and legs flayling everywhere.

By this time I'm a crumpled mess on the couch in fits of giggles, trying to give her advice. "... no, no, no! Pull up from the centre, one foot in front of the other, slower, less exagerated, stop slouching, don't push your boobs out that far - you do want to arrive at the same time as them!"

I was having a grand ole time, being the couch critique, when she turned to me and said, "ok smart-ass, show me what you've got!"

So I got up and summoned 18 years of ballet training, slipped on my heels and strutted across her living room, swiveled around, flicked my hair and asked, "Did you get that?"

My friend just stood there staring at me ... "Where the hell did you learn that? Oh, you have to teach me!"

So we spent the next 30 minutes strutting up and down her living room, vogue-ing, strutting, and having a right royal time ~ after all we're both goddesses in our own right.

Basically all it boiled down to was good posture and a hell of a lot of confidence, and I was amazed. Here was the beautiful woman who fits all the stereotypical images of beauty and grace, turning to me for advice.

And that's when it all came home ... sexiness isn't about being beautiful and slim. Its a state of mind anyone can achieve. All it takes is confidence and a healthy self esteem ~ two very sexy qualities in anyone.


~Bek~ said...

Hear Hear!
I totally agree... you hottie!