Thursday, 21 February 2008

Resting in my heart

I started doing a lot of work in my heart chakra today.

My last session with Gayla opened a gaping wound in my heart.

I felt such loss, and grief. Its Owen's anniversary today, and I realised that for the past 14 years I have been angry.

Angry with him for leaving me.

Angry with myself for being angry with him.

This anger and grief has held me back from moving on.

I had constructed a brick wall around my heart, allowing nobody access - and I didn't discriminate.

Today, with Gayla's help I pulled down a brick, and then another one, and another one after that. I confronted my anger and grief head on, and while I have a long journey ahead of me, I feel lighter.

I started working with my heart chakra last night, and realised that I need to sit within my heart and honour myself.

I forgive Owen.
I forgive myself.


iGoddess said...

this is wonderful!! i hope you keep feeling lighter and lighter until you wake up and realize your heart has wings.


Staci said...

Just stopping by to say hello and noticing we are doing a similar dance across the world. Yesterday, I too was blessed with heart opening grief. Here's hoping that we are at once the macro and the micro and that our inner healing helps the planet. Blessings...Staci

Rebecca said...

Powerful post! Great work on opening the heart, Mich.

Blessed be! Life is good.

Jane said...

The power of forgiveness is so amazing. I'm so glad your heart is opening again.

Grace said...

When we forgive, our whole universe changes....and miracles happen. This has been my experience :) my most recent experiences, especially.

May you experience great waves of healing, peace and newfound joy as you begin opening the energy of your heart again.


clairem said...

welcome back to life mich! feeling pain and hurt, maybe, but feeling alive... Carl Jung said something like, when a wall presents itself and you can't go past it, don't take it down with dynamite, become a tree and grow next to it. It will crumble, in time...
lots of love into your opening heart

derick said...

mich, glad to hear you have taken the most important step of your life--you have the key to open the door
take care

amy said...

That's so great you were able to make some progress that you can actually feel right away! And that you can use chakra healing to get to that place. Take care,

Nicole said...

Wrapping angel wings around you so you feel safe to continue to let go of the anger. Blessings, xo