Saturday, 16 February 2008

So how did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Photo of Mich by Leonie Allan
Being a single gal, missing that ever elusive relationship with the guy of my dreams, I decided that this year I would not take Valentine's Day laying down!

But what the hell, I made it a week for self-love, so here's what I did ...

I bought myself a ring of commitment (now you know my secret), yes it looks like an engagement ring and I wear it on that finger. But I bought it to remind myself that I AM ENOUGH. And to make a commitment to myself. I love myself enough to move my body. I love myself enough to eat healthy foods. And I love myself enough to get healthy.

I started yoga classes.

I started private lessons for pilates.

On Monday night I danced the Sacral Chakra to honour my inner-feminine, my sensuality, my sexuality and my creativity.

I had a somewhat indulgent day on Valentines Day itself. I took the day off and had a two hour session with my life coach, and a one hour session with my pilates coach.

This self-love thing rocks!

What did you do?


cherry girl said...

Way to work the self love! I really believe that valentines is about all kinds of love and not just the romantic kind. Yoga and pilates sound great, I keep meaning to pick up a dvd to work on at home, but personal pilates training sounds even better!! I spent the day with my munchkins as it's half term week at school so they were at home with me. I must be finally 'growing up' as now it doesn't make me feel like crap that I don't have a significant other on that day of the year!

kim said...

Work and a quiet evening at home with my hubby and dog. Little gifts of love.

How I would love to take a Chakra Dance class!!!

amy said...

Love your self love day! You deserve it too and it's very healthy to love and honor yourself. I ate a box of chocolates (it was a small box) in one day and I think that's pretty much it.

iGoddess said...


especially the commitment ring. i'd bought myself something similar late last year: a pink diamond ring. recently, i've added another pink diamond ring to the collection (noticing a theme? lol) because I'M WORTH IT!!

i wish i could be like you and go that extra mile and actually wear rings on "that" finger. you're so awesome!!

cheers to loving yourself and knowing YOU ARE ENOUGH! *hugs, love, n' cheer*

The Dream said...

I love how you love yourself and are way cool with sharing your light with others. "Shine on, you crazy diamond!" (Crazy is not meant as an insult - I was having a Pink Floyd moment.) It's such a gift when we arrive at a place of self acceptance - the great and the not so great stuff about ourselves, and are able to rejoice and celebrate ourselves and share it with others. Dance on!

Rebecca said...

What an incredible way to honour yourself. Thanks for sharing this. I wondered, as I read your post, if I have the courage to show myself the kind of love you demonstrate. An incredible challenge for me! I'll report back.


daisies said...

:) yay you for the self love ... i indulged myself with my camera, walks in the sunlight, dancing in my living room and generally relaxing ... it was good ...

i adore that photo of you, xo