Sunday, 10 February 2008


I came home from a party tonight to find I couldn't actually get home.

The police had my street blocked off, the excuse ... they were conducting a police operation. A line of neighbours cars down the other street because none of us could get home ...

No explanation, we were just told to wait.

I thought that it was a gas leak or something like that, so I hung out with my neighbours, wondering what the hell was going on and why no one [police] was talking to us.

When we were finally allowed to drive in, I saw a number of police officers in what looked like tactical gear, carrying, yep, you guessed it ... bloody big guns ... I don't know ... my first instinct was that they were machine guns.

Talk about freaking out here ...

I got home and Trinity was going ape ... every sound at the moment is making me jump.

This is a quiet little suburb of Canberra on the edge of a lake ... its mainly retirees and professionals ...


No, seriously ... what has this world come to? Why does violence exist at all? I don't get it, I just don't get it.


derick said...

i think after 9/11 governments are very anxious about things---who knows what sort of information was passed onto them.
the thing about violence is that it perpetuates itself---cycle after cycle. ostensibly they are protecting the law abiding citizens, but their foreign policies are in confrontation with a lot of other groups or societies and so the end result is the law abiding citizenns are collaterel damage in an evolving game of power plays and subtefuge and hence more money has to spent on security to protect the people that elected the goverment.
around and around in ever increasing spirals---there does not seem to be any logic
take care

Rebecca said...

I, too, am always heartsick at the violence and hatred in the world today. Like you I just do not get it. To have it come so close to your sanctuary is very scary!


Bohemian Mom said...

That is sooooooo creepy.
I would've been freaking out.
Poor Trinity! Who knows what she seen or heard.
Violence is starting to appear everywhere. It's such a shame when it hits a nice residential neighbourhood like yours.
Hug Trinity for me, and be extra cautious until you find out what the hell was going on.

cherry girl said...

How frightening - the lack of communication makes it even worse I would imagine! Hope you find some answers today and that all is well now.

The Dream said...

Freakin' scary.
It IS a whacked out world. It wasn't that long ago when people left their doors unlocked and felt safe about their kids riding their bicycles pretty much anywhere. When I mention this to my kids they look at me disbelievingly and say, "yeah right."
Hope you were able to soothe Trinity.

Jane said...

I'm just glad you are OK! I agree that violence is creeping in to places we never thought it would.

practicalspirit said...

Sending you a peaceful thought from California. May you and yours be safe. Blessings.

Sacred Suzie said...

Have you noticed how anarchy has entered so many people's lives lately? Either through violence, accidents or illness... I don't get it, this has to be the WORST winter ever. I hope that with spring all this anarchy will pass and that you start to feel safer very soon and are protected with light and love.

Nicole said...

That's a bit scary! I hope things have settled in your neighbourhood. Sending lots of loving energy your way!