Saturday, 1 March 2008

Wishes come true

At the beginning of the year I created a wish list - 100 wishes for 2008.

These wishes have been granted so far:

  • I am healthy - I eat nutritous and tasty foods
  • I am fit - I practice pilates and work out every day
  • To laugh more
  • To dance more
  • To let go of anger
  • To forgive
  • To be forgiven
  • Find a 'home' for Chakradance
  • My Chakradance practice takes off in Canberra
  • I find an exciting new job which is rewarding and challenging
  • To work with fun, professional people who I respect and who respect me
  • Learn yoga
  • Connect more with my neighbours
  • We are kept safe from bushfires and natural disasters
  • Marnie and Dennis have a healthy baby

All in all, not a bad year so far!


Rebecca said...

What an excellent list, Mich - how wonderful that so many of your wishes have come to pass and it's only March! Bravo.

Blessed be! Life is good

cherry girl said...

Wow! So great that so many wishes have come true for you in these first few months of the year!

kim said...

How wonderful! You are blessed my friend.

Sacred Suzie said...

I agree, those are all wonderful wishes to come true, you are living a beautiful life my friend.

The Dream said...

Whoa - that is a great deal of ACTION. Good for you, my friend. An awful lot of goodness over a short period of time!

Jane said...

That's fantastic!! Talk about awesome karma!!

Bohemian Mom said...

Not so bad at all my friend!
This gives further proof to what an inspiration you are and how the law of attraction really does work!
I admire you so.

journeytime said...

mich i can see that you are definately better and are manifesting great things.
this is just the start....
takr care

Nicole said...

Fantastic! It is amazing what the Universe provides you with when you are clear on your asking. Enjoy! x

iGoddess said...


that's so wonderful! isn't it just so satisfying to watch goals become accomplishments? and you're such an awesome woman to begin with, you deserve some celebration!

love and hugs.